Original Tapas Cycling Tour with Born Bike Tours Barcelona

Bornbike offers a special Tapas Cycling Tour for lovers of history, art and gastronomy. Discover the historical heart of Barcelona, a selection of wonderful Modernist works and enjoy some delicious tapas.

Romantic sailing experience in Barcelona

Experience a Romantic Barcelona with Business Yachtclub Barcelona, if you’re looking for romance in Barcelona, something close to perfection; then imagine sailing away with the one you love with Business Yachtclub Barcelona.
Cooking courses in Barcelona - Gowithoh

We’ve Tried: Cook and Taste – A Cultural Cooking Course

Equip your self with essential skills of cooking and learn the secrets to Catalonian cooking through Cook and Taste. In this workshop, you get to select the freshest ingredients and put your knowledge into practice…

Barcelona’s Aquarium – discover the depths of the sea

One of Europe’s largest aquariums, this underwater tank is made up of 21 enormous tanks brimming with over 450 marine species. See for yourself this visual delight and be wowed the scary sharks, beautiful fish and playful penguins that Barcelona Aquarium boasts!

We’ve Tried: A Cocktail or Two at La Fianna

If you are on the hunt for a special place in an atmospheric part of town with a nice mix of people, La Fianna is the perfect place to enjoy a large array of cocktails and tapas…

10 must-do’s when you visit Barcelona

Barcelona offers a variety of things you can do in the city and see. You will find numerous attractions, culture, beach, parks and gardens, sweet little streets, impressive buildings and architecture and much more. There is certainly something for everyone here. With such a wide range of activities it can be hard to choose one. So we have put a together a list of 10 fantastic tips.

Uncover the secrets of haunted Barcelona

Get goose bumps with the Barcelona Ghost tour, take a spine tingling tour with Icono around the darkest quarters of Barcelona, discover haunting ghost stories of the paranormal in the city!

Store your luggage in the centre of the city

A luggage storage service in Barcelona is just what you need when you have a few hours before or after your check-in or check-out. Store your suitcases away in a locker and enjoy those extra hours.

We’ve Tried: The Barcelona Inline Skating Survival Guide

An experience of inline skating in Barcelona including the health and therapy benefits, and where you can go for classes with the timestables and pricing
Monuments in Barcelona

We’ve Tried: Check out the City’s Monuments with Artchitectours

I had an unusual guided tour of Barcelona: with architectours. This is a tour that is more specifically focused on architecture, design and art. Though I’m not a specialist in this area, I thoroughly enjoyed it.